Once you've submitted your query to Goverlytics, IOTO will visualize the result. You can choose the details.
Looking for a lot of data in one graphic? How about graphics for TV? IOTO does both.


Some data is impossible to understand without a good visual. Our graphics are simple yet informative, and can lead to profound discoveries. For example, you might want to see entire geographical regions whose politicians avoid speaking about 'fossil fuels.' Or see who reacted the most positively towards something that you believe in. There are millions of possibilites and combinations - you can even adjust timeframes to see, for example, who spoke the most about a given topic - this week.


One of the most exciting parts.
Goverlytics can easily compare politicians with each other. For example, you may want to see what politicians disagree the most on, or who got the most campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry.
You might compare politicians with themselves; that is, see if their reported feelings match their actions.


We gather a huge amount of data from many reliable sources. This includes: official census data, speeches by politicians, news headlines, and social media feeds. This can all be used to predict the spread of political sentiment across Canada.


Once you've completed your query, and the AI has worked its magic, you will literally see the results. IOTO creates stunning visualizations, letting you choose all of the important details. Looking for a lot of data in one graphic? How about graphics for TV? IOTO's got it covered. Of course, you can also get the data back in a spreadsheet.