IOTO uses the world's most powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) arrays to gather political meaning and insight. Realtime data-based factual analysis yields awareness of how a politician, party, or even an entire constituent assembly views a particular topic. See how those views compare and change. Extrapolate to the next political move.


IOTO uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyse vast bodies of political text to extract patterns of meaning. Years of text from multitudes of political players can be invoked to inform and better understand the language of the days latest tweet. Key situations can be automatically recognized and evaluated with unprecedented understanding, augmenting the live experience of political processes.


IOTO invented Goverlytics. Using big data tools together with rapid AI advances streamlining human / computer interactions, IOTO broke new ground in understanding and representing political discourse during the 2015 Canadian federal election, then the 2016 US federal election. Maturing technologies, together with larger datasets and more powerful computers have allowed Goverlytics to steadily advance to ever deeper levels of political understanding. Rapid developments in graphical processing technologies and growing appetites for analysis supported by hard data facts ensures the future of goverlytics insight into politics.


Accurate insight depends on good data. IOTO uses publicly available and independently verifiable datasets to support our analytics. These datasets include official census data, speeches by politicians, news headlines, social media feeds, funding data, and more.


Goverlytics' versatile queries quickly direct AI arrays to key political insights. You can adjust date ranges, look up a particular individual or a specific topic; you may even want to create your own categories to reveal both what is said and what is supressed. Anticipate the next political play.