IOTO's Goverlytics platform uses machine learning and next-generation Natural Language Processing algorithms to analyse political performance. The Goverlytics API serves these analytics to content providers in real time, forming a basis for dynamic content generation. Imagine sports-style big data analytics applied to politics. The potential is limitless.


Using our API is easy. We built it from the ground up, following the same Representational State Transfer (REST) design principles familiar to web developers and newsrooms. That means the political analytics returned by our API can be easily ingested by your existing content generators and graphics engines. Flip the page, and your sportscast becomes a polcast. View Documentation

Ready to try our API? Contact us and we’ll set you up with a test account with access to some API features. We’ll also put you in touch with an IOTO representative who can answer your questions about the API. If you decide that Goverlytics is right for you, we can help you integrate Goverlytics political analytics into your workflow.


The Goverlytics API is rapidly growing. Our insights range from the very simple (politician identity, party affiliation, jurisdiction, committee membership, and voting data - for example) to the very complex (comparative voting tendencies, favoured topics, and value-weighted policy performance measures - to name a few). Take a moment to explore some of our resources in our API documentation.


One of the greatest advancements in today’s Natural Language Processing software is the ability to accurately extract sentiment data from discourse. Imagine knowing how a politician or a party or even an entire government feels about certain policies and principles. What do they oppose? What do they support? Goverlytics uses latest generation AI analytics to find out.


We’re just as excited about political analysis as you are, that’s why we offer custom analytics to push the boundaries. If Goverlytics doesn’t have the off-the-shelf analytics you’re looking for, our developers will be happy to build it for you. Get in touch with one of our representatives today to explore possibilities.


IOTO uses publicly available, and independently verifiable datasets to support our analytics. Goverlytics analyzes official census data, speeches by politicians, social media feeds, election funding data, Hansard documents (in Canada and the UK), Congressional Records (in the US), OECD, and other transparent third party data sources . Trusted, reliable sources ensure that our analytics are objective and of the highest quality.


Humans are still the world's best pattern-recognition machines; that's why visualizing data is so important. For example, you might apply our data to a map to understand the spread of political ideas (see below) or you might check to see who spoke the most about a given topic this year (left). With the Goverlytics API, you can adjust both date range and geographical region for many resources, making it easy to create dynamic and flexible data visualizations on the fly.


With Goverlytics, you can compare favourite politicians with others to see how they're performing. You can even compare individuals with groups of people; for example, you might be interested in what sets a politician apart from their party. Goverlytics makes all of this very easy.


The massive amount of data we gather can be used to generate impressive sentiment forecasts like this one, showing the spread of sentiment towards Carbon Tax among Canada’s MPs.


Our technology was made with newsrooms in mind. Take a look at how our data might transfer to the screen: